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Woolwich Pier Hotel – Renovations

The Woolwich Pier Hotel is pleased to announce that it proudly re-opened its doors on Friday 2nd August 2013 after being closed for renovations.     With the re-launch of The Pier, comes The Pier

Radford Park June

Radford Park – General Progress update

As you can see from the images below, although we have experienced delays due to the recent wet weather, we continue to make good progress.   You are now able to access Radford Park, via Elderslie

Murray’s Rise – Formerly Rezoned

Murray's Rise was formerly rezoned on Friday 3rd May 2013. Belford Land Corporation is in the process of finalising the development application. It is expected to have the approval and works underway in 2014.   Murray's


Medich Foundation – Scholarship Update

The Medich Foundation and the Public Education Foundation is pleased to announce that the successful recipients of the 2013 Medich Foundation Elizabeth H Blackburn Western Sydney Scholarship were announced at an event held at Sydney

Radford Park progress - September 2013

Radford Park : Stone Wall Entrance Update    

Radford Park progress - July 2013

Radford Park: General Progress update                  

Radford Park progress - June 2013

Radford Park: Sealed Roads update    

Radford Park progress - May 2013

Radford Park: Stone Wall Entrance progress   Note: The above image shows the besser block base, which the stonework will be constructed over   Note: The above image shows the stonework upclose (which will be

Radford Park progress - January 2013

Radford Park: Daracon Civil Works                  

Radford Park progress - April 2013

Radford Park: Nursery progress         Radford Park: Daracon civil works progress update (April 2013)        

Radford Park progress - March 2013

Radford Park: Cycleway construction progress    

Radford Park progress - February 2013

Radford Park: Daracon Civil Works