Supporting and strengthening
local communities

The Medich Foundation

The Medich Foundation is a single coordinating body for all our work in the community. We strongly believe in giving back to the local areas in which we invest and develop, and are especially committed to not-for-profit work in the following areas:


  • Medical research
  • The Arts
  • Community



Medical Research


Sydney Children’s Hospital Foundation


The Clinical Research Centre


The Clinical Research Centre is a space for clinical trials and medical research to help translate leading edge research into real benefits for children not only at Sydney Children’s Hospital but across the world, enabling bench to bedside clinical care.


The Medich Foundation’s funding of the world class space for the Clinical Research Centre which brings together multi disciplinary teams to better diagnose patients, trial new medications and streamline treatments for children to live better lives.


This space will continue to support the Hospital’s aim of providing hope through research to children and their families affected by complex illnesses and disabilities.


An example of a disease that is treated within The Bright Alliance: Spinal Muscular Atrophy is a hereditary disease that progressively destroys lower motor neurons; melbourne open tennis, nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord that control essential voluntary muscle activity such as speaking, walking, breathing and swallowing.

Australian Open


Current drug trials through the Clinical Research Centre are showing a positive effect on these patients, where there has been an extension in life expectancy beyond 2 years. Improved quality and extension of life is the desired outcome from these tests and research.


Research Starter Grants


Sydney Children’s Hospital Foundation Research Starter Grants give crucial support to promising young paediatric or established researchers with an innovative idea, so they can conduct pilot projects to investigate better diagnosis, prevention and treatment options to save and improve the lives of sick or injured children.


In 2017 the Medich Foundation is supporting a grant awarded to *Felicity Wright *in the area of cancer research, Thiotepa Kinetics and Genomics Study.


This is a research study that looks at the blood levels of chemotherapy given as part of the transplant conditioning regimen.


Once the blood levels have been completed researchers use the results in further research. Researchers are examining a new way to dose chemotherapy given as part of the stem cell transplant procedure.


They will compare the levels of chemotherapy in the blood to the presence of enzymes in the liver to determine if there is a link.


Starter Grants are crucial in helping researchers run pilot projects, generate preliminary data and publish or present on their research. Starter Grants change the lives of thousands of children, not just the patients at the Sydney Children’s Hospital, Randwick, also benefiting the rural, national and global communities through the outcomes of research.


St Vincent’s hospital


The Medich Foundation is proudly funding the St Vincent’s Immune Monitoring Core Facility located in the Kinghorn Cancer Centre which is a joint initiative of St Vincent’s Hospital Sydney and the Garvan Institute of Medical Research. The facility will be dedicated to providing laboratory services and translational research to support immune monitoring during cancer immunotherapy. Immuno-oncology therapies activate the immune system, making it able to recognise cancer cells and destroy them.


This personalised or precision medicine is an emerging approach to health care in which medical decisions and treatments are tailored to the individual patient. Different properties of a patient’s cancer and their own immune system can have an enormous impact on a patient’s specific ability to mount a strong immune response against the cancer and to respond to a particular therapy.


The Medich Foundation’s support over the next 4 years will help to establish the St Vincent’s Immune Monitoring Core Facility and assist St Vincent’s in understanding how different treatments impact the immune response against a patient’s own cancer which will assist in working towards improving cancer therapy.


Please click here to see the St Vincent’s Curran Foundation Highlights newsletter.



The Arts


Shaun Gladwell


1000 Horses by London-based Australian artist Shaun Gladwell commemorates the 100-year anniversary of the Battle of Beersheba, commissioned by Dr Gene Sherman AM and Brian Sherman AM. Filmed in the similarly arid landscapes of Australia and Israel, the project is comprised of a two-channel film, virtual reality film and 3D printed sculpture.


Fought on October 31, 1917, the final phase of the Battle of Beersheba saw the 4th Light Horse Brigade play a core role in the demise of the crumbling Ottoman Empire. The charge has been called ‘the last great cavalry charge in history’.


The Medich Foundation has generously supported this new major work by Shaun Gladwell through the pre-purchase of an edition of the film, with all funds going directly to the creation of the project. 1000 Horses will premiere at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, opening on 2 November 2017.


Art Gallery of NSW


The Medich Foundation supports The Art Gallery of NSW and local artist Geoff Kleem. In his new site-specific work, Kleem photographically reconstructs institutional fragments 1:1 in massive form. Displaced, familiar and yet utterly foreign, the intervention in the museum space alters the viewer’s perception of what is known and recognisable.


The Biennale


The Biennale of Sydney is a non-profit organisation that engages Australian and international audiences with challenging and innovative contemporary art from around the world, promotes cultural exchange and inspires audiences to experience art, themselves and their world in new and creative ways. Held every two years, the Biennale exhibition runs for three months, with an accompanying program of artist talks, performances, forums, guided tours, family days and other special events. Since its inception in 1973, the Biennale has provided an international platform for innovative contemporary art, showcasing the work of nearly 1800 artists from more than 100 countries. Today it ranks as one of the leading international festivals of contemporary art and continues to be recognised for showcasing inspirational and challenging art from Australia and around the world.


The Biennale is made possible through the commitment and generosity of private supporters including the Medich Foundation which helps expose Australian audiences to the best contemporary art in the world.





The Medich foundation supports many initiatives within the local community and the communities in which we invest. We strongly believe in giving back, and in recent times have provided support to the local schools and charities mentioned below.


Barnardos Australia is a leading child protection charity, supporting families and Children in need. Hotel Centennial and the Medich foundation started supporting Barnardos with their annual ladies lunch three years ago. Since then, there has been over $200,000 of much needed funds raised for the organisation.


The Medich foundation has recently provided support to Variety Children’s Charity, a charity which helps children and families when government assistance isn’t available.


Another cause the Medich Foundation proudly supports is The Salvation Army Red Shield Appeal. They give hope where it is needed most through social welfare and community service programs. Vulnerable Australians rely on these programs every day. Their services range from providing shelter for the homeless, assisting families in crisis through practical support and financial counselling, to guiding people with addictions through to a clean, healthy lifestyle.


Supporting the St Joseph’s College Scholarship Fund is particularly important to the Medich Foundation as Roy Medich is an old boy attending from 1962-1966.


Helping people from different communities and backgrounds is something we feel strongly about and we will continue to provide assistance and support where we can.