The Family Office invests in and manages a diverse portfolio of asset classes. We invest in ways that create clear long-term value, financially and socially.

We see good corporate citizenship as fundamental to good investing.

Our investment principles:

Buy Right
We aim to buy the right assets at the right price, and manage them to ensure long term gain. This means rarely purchasing at a premium. By acting this way, we minimise potential downside while maximising the upside opportunity.

Value Creation
The best investments offer the opportunity to create value through improvement. We believe that when we add value, we create value.

Active Investing
We seek to invest in markets where we have family experience, or can deploy knowledge from our other activities. Every investment is researched to ensure its vision can, in time, be realised. Part of this involves investing actively. We seek investments we have a natural affinity for and can bring an entrepreneurial spirit to.

Established by previous generations, diversification is part of our investment DNA. It minimises risk, and allows us to apply what we learn in one asset class to another. This is part of our conservative approach to preserving wealth and growing capital.

Long term horizon
Big ideas take time to realise. Our horizons are often in decades, not years, maximising total return over time.

We are custodians of a family wealth built over generations. It is our role to consider the impact of our decisions on the next three generations, not just the next three years, and leave a legacy they will be proud to continue.

Capital Investments

Medich Capital is our equity investment arm. With almost 100 years of investing history, we leverage our experience to identify assets that have good long-term prospects.

We are particularly focused on companies well placed to deliver on global trends such as urbanisation and the growing demand for quality food and resources. Agriculture and property companies feature prominently in our portfolio as these are sectors we understand well, having been involved in both industries throughout our family history. Each of these sectors provide long term prosperity to people, and so provide ongoing positive returns.


Medich Corporation is our property investment arm. Our flagship projects aim to be both innovative and regenerative. We have a long history of realising unique visions that create both social and economic gain for the communities they exist within.

The Maltings

Mittagong Maltings

Acquired in 2019, The Maltings, presently an abandoned historical ruin, was first established in 1899 to supply malt to breweries throughout NSW.

Our vision is to retain the exterior skin while regenerating the interior to create a multi-use facility within the spaces. By preserving and protecting the existing building fabric without restoring the buildings to their former state, we intend to activate the ruins whilst maintaining the intriguing character of the buildings that have evolved over many decades.

This adaptive reuse project will create a destination location both for people in the area and those travelling from Sydney and surrounding areas. In this way, it will create value not just for us as investors, but also for the community around it.

A development application has been lodged for The Maltings redevelopment and is currently being assessed by council.

Preston Market

Preston Market
Another major project is Preston Market in Melbourne which is owned in a joint venture. This marketplace has operated continuously since 1969, providing a place of livelihood for generations of Melbournians. As demand for artisan and local produce booms, we see the opportunity to maintain the fresh food market heritage of this unique site, whilst creating a new major mixed-use precinct around the market and the adjoining Preston Station.

Hunter Valley

In 2006 we commenced acquiring land in the Hunter Valley having recognised the long term opportunity this region offers. With close proximity to the major cities of Sydney and Newcastle, benefiting from major infrastructure improvements such as the Hunter Expressway and North Connex, along with strong economic fundamentals around its resources, tourism and viticultural industries, we see significant growth in its future.

We have established both agricultural and residential development companies along with a dedicated management team that operate across the various properties we own. Our holdings are located in the Singleton, Cessnock and Maitland LGA’s in the suburbs of Pokolbin, Lochinvar, Lovedale, Greta, Branxton, Lower Belford and Belford. Our residential activities currently include Radford Park where stage 6 has recently been released along with Murray’s Rise Estate where construction has been completed with the third stage release now on the market.

In 2021 under Belford Land Corporation we established a cattle JV, Hunter Premium Beef, across our properties and expanded into the wine business with the acquisition of Mount Pleasant Wines and associated vineyards.

In addition to our land holdings we also have a number of commercial properties in the township of Branxton where we are working on long term revitalisation plans for the historic town.

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Radford Park

Murray’s Rise

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